About us


“Il Piccolo Museo della Laguna Sud” (The little museum of the Southern Lagoon) was opened in 2007. At the beginning there were just two rooms:

  • The White Room: The history of the “Murazzi”, the islands and its defences against the sea.
  • The Black Room: “4 November 1966: The Great Fear”

We gathered important materials to preserve and remember the history of the Lagoon, Venice and Pellestrina. Thus, our journey started.

The organisation “Abitanti in Isola” proposed and coordinated the project thanks to the support of the Lido-Pellestrina municipality (part of the Venice municipality). The architect Renato Vidal gave the idea for the design, while the plastics have been made by the cultural organisation “El Fughero”.

Other materials are waiting to be used: fishing equipment, objects for the vegetable gardens, tools used in the “squeri” (the old Venetian shipyard), references to the language and the island traditions. Documents, knowledge, objects and other things have been collected thanks to local associations, such as “El Fughero” and the “A.C.S Murazzi”.

Since August 2012, many people of different ages, above all young people, took part in the “Associazione Abitanti”. They contribute to enrich our work with their enthusiasm and their competences (informatic, historical competences…).

We decided to create this website in order to let people know about our Museum, the History of the Island and the Lagoon and our heritage.

Then, in 2019 a new room was inaugurated: “Sea and Lagoon fishing”

Museum Location

Ex Elementary School “Carlo Goldoni”

San Pietro in Volta


Pellestrina (VE)

Open on Google Maps


Because of the spreading of the COVID-19, the museum won't open in Aprile. As soon as whe know the opening date, we will write it on the website.

#IOSTOACASA let's help those who are fighting all over the world.

The museum is open from the 1st April to the 4th November every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00.

It is open all year round for groups of people. All the groups must write in advance an email to this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or call the following number: +393336143976


You can reach the island by public transport. We suggest you to ask all the necessary information and prices at the ticket office.

PRICES ACTV Pubblic Transport

Transport Service Timetable

By bus or Vaporetto

If you come from Lido of Venice, take the bus number 11 to Pellestrina (the ticket costs around € 1,50 and you have to buy it at the ticket office). In Pellestrina you get off at the bus stop “Calle Tardivi di San Pietro in Volta”.

If you come from Chioggia, take the vaporetto number 11 from Vigo square and once you arrive in Pellestrina, get on the bus number 11 and get off at the bus stop “Calle Tardivi di San Pietro in Volta”.

The prices (for one-way tickets) are:

  • For those who have the Venice card the cost of the ticket is € 1,50 at the ticket office, ( f you buy on board € 3,00).
  • for all the others the ticket for the vaporetto costs € 5,00 (From Chioggia to Pellestrina) and for the bus € 1,50.

If you have a 24h/48h/72h or 7day tickets, you can use them both for the vaporetto and the bus.

By bicycle

From Chioggia, take the vaporetto number 11 with your bicycle. Please keep in mind that the number of bicycles that can get on the vaporetto depends on the captain choice, according to the number of people and bicycle inside the vaporetto for security reasons.

The prices (for one-way tickets) are:

  • The bicycle ticket costs €1 (for every bicycle), while the person pays € 5,00 from Chioggia to Pellestrina (without the Venice card) and € 1,50 (with the Venice card). Anyway, we suggest you to ask to the ticket office the right prices, above all if you also want to visit Lido the same day.

Once you arrive in Pellestrina, you can ride your bicycles along the Lagoon till you reach San Pietro in Volta.

From Lido, ride your bicycles till the ferryboat Alberoni Rocchetta (number 11) and get on it.

The prices (for one-way tickets) are:

  • The bicycles costs € 1,00 for each person, while the person pays € 1,50 (with the Venice card) or € 7,50 (without the Venice Card). For those who do not have the tickets in their Venice Card, they can buy it on board (they cost a little bit more).

When you arrive at Santa Maria del Mare, proceed along the Lagoon, go past the Locanda Stravedo and then you will find a yellow building on the left.

If you have a 24h/48h/72h or 7day tickets, you can use them both for the vaporetto and the bus.