Welcome to “Il Piccolo Museo Della Laguna Sud” (The little museum of the southern lagoon)

“Il Piccolo Museo della Laguna Sud” was opened in 2007. At the beginning there were just two rooms:

  • The White Room: The history of the “Murazzi”, the islands and its defences against the sea.
  • The Black Room: “4 November 1966: The Great Fear”

Then, in 2019 a new room was inaugurated: “Sea and Lagoon fishing”

We gathered important materials to preserve and remember the history of the Lagoon, Venice and Pellestrina. Thus, our journey started. The organisation “Abitanti in Isola” proposed and coordinated the project thanks to the support of the Lido-Pellestrina municipality (part of the Venice municipality).

Other materials are waiting to be used: fishing equipment, objects for the vegetable gardens, tools used in the “squeri” (the old Venetian shipyard), references to the language and the island traditions. Documents, knowledge, objects and other things have been collected thanks to local associations, such as “El Fughero” and the “A.C.S Murazzi”.

We hope that the visit of the museum and our island will leave you beautiful memories. For this reason, we ask you to leave some comments or suggestions on Facebook and on TripAdvisor.