The coat of arms of Pellestrina


Concerning the coat of arms of Pellestrina. True or false?

In 1985 the association “Murazzi” published the discovery of the coat of arms of Pellestrina, with a red rampant lion in the “Blazon of Veneto”, made by Vincenzo Coronelli at the beginning of the XVIII century.

In 1989, in the review “Chioggia-rivista di studi e ricerche, anno II, n.3”, the article of Nico and Mattia Sibour Vianello denied this discovery. They underlined how this copy had been decorated before the XVIII century by a creative artist who had added to the empty coat of arms of Pellestrina, a red rampant lion. The Sibours also said: “Moreover, it’s difficult that Pellestrina could have had an army under the “Serenissima”, when it did not have any juridical status”.

In other words, not having any authority, Pellestrina did not have a coat of arms. On the other hand, the Austrians gave Pellestrina the permission to have a coat of arms with their “sestieri” (“districts”) painted on it.

The following documents are written in Italian.

Secondo Premio Biennale 'Murazzo' di poesia in dialetto veneto, Pellestrina 12 ottobre 1985

Chioggia- rivista di studi e ricerche, anno II, numero 3°, Chioggia 1989

L’arma di Chioggia' di Nico e Mattia Sibour Vianello

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