The gardeners


As other islands of the lagoon, Pellestrina was once characterized by the presence of many gardens which gave the families daily food. Many people who saw the urban changes in the 1970s and the 1970s (settanta due volte?) remember these gardens well kept and organized (non so se usare aggettivi tipo neat/tidy) by gardeners who could make their little piece of land produce many vegetables.

The following article describes the census of the gardeners in 1973. This document is in the Ancient Archive of Chioggia-Pellestrina. In this catalogue there are 115 people with their name and surname written. This detail makes the document very interesting because not only it shows us the society of Pellestrina at the end of the XVIII century, but it also offers a starting point for new research about the change of the families and their surnames.

The following document is written in Italian.