Sea And Lagoon Fishing


The water reflections on the wall create a fascinating atmosphere around the plastics that show the Seabed, the Lagoon depth and the typical fishing of the past, with its boats, its nets and its techniques.

You will learn old words rich of history: “tressi”,”cogoli”, “serage”, “saltarello”, “chebe”. And you will read the name of all the fish that live in the Mediterranean Sea: “seppie” (cuttlefish), cefali (mullets), “sogliole” (soles), “triglie”(red mullets).

Moreover, you will find traditional fishing tackles and some reproductions of different species of fish.

In the past, together with the horticulture and the shipbuilding, fishing has been one of the main activities in the island. People fished both in the sea or in the Lagoon and they used different techniques, nets and boats. As an example, “pesca da posta e pesca a strascico”: a system of fixed nets and mobile nets, which were sewed by the fishermen. These people were also good rowers, thus they could bring the fish to Rialto fast.

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